Noah Prince of heaven, earth and hell

Once Upon a time there was a Man name Noah who is the prince of heaven, earth and hell who job was represent all the power that is gifted to him by his father Will are king of heaven, Earth and hell and keep defend the Earth from being invaded by the Troll Demon Dogs from exiting from hell and invading earth by making sure the gates of hell stay close.But Noah at one point didn’t believe and due to his doubt causes the gate to open and all the Troll Demon Dogs escape causing chose. Everyone from heaven including his father doubted him too as well because he was only a scroungy 10 year old boy who can’t even lift a normal hammer is going tell a bunch of Troll demon. But thanks to Larry Stewart his blacksmith mentor the only person to ever believe him with his encouraging words which trigger Noah takes the doubt out of Noah to say enchanting spell to which drags all the Troll Demon Dogs back to hell and close the gates once and for all. Once everyone includes the king finds out they are surprise. So the king promote his son as Earth Guardian Now Because he has done what no one has ever done that no angel from heaven has ever done speak the enchantment to drag Troll demon Dos back to hell until now. So now today its been sixteen years since earth has invaded by Troll Demon Dog. Suddenly Lord Xicohtencati Leader of the Troll Demon Dogs and he is off to resurrect Dark rider and together they can break the gates of hell to release his army from it so both of the can conquer earth leading it to darkness and chaos.So its up to Noah Prince of heaven, earth and hell to stop him as defender of earth.So Noah fly straight to Earth where to confront Lord Xicohtencati.. ” Holt in the defender and prince i order you to go back to hell from when once you came from, you will never raise Dark Rider from the dead again” Noah Demands.” Never you fool and once I raise him from the dead we can break down the gate of hell we will conquer and put it in out image and there is nothing you can do to stop us” said Lord Xicohtencati. So Prince Noah and Lord Xicohencati both charge at each other both attacking each other with magic,lighting and dark and light attack has been flying.At First Lord Xicohtencati keeps getting up edge due to he knows all of his knowledge of my repetitive moves so instead double kick i light attack to blind and use flame fist him in the belly five times until he touch the floor. After lord Xicohtencati got fire fist in the stomach and fall down Noah as quickly use the Enchanted spell to pick him up move him back to the gate of hell. So Noah stop the lord Xicohtencati and live happily ever after the end.


Blue Phantom domain: the fall of leaf Phoenix

once upon a time the tribe of the leaf phoenix was living together with blue phantom tribe in harmony living with a king Percy Moon Walker leader of the leaf tribe he was a peaceful and fair ruler, Until King Percy Moon Walker died from old age leading for him to be replace by new successor name Derek Redder and he hated everything that Percy Moon Walker stand for and did a bunch thing that was terrible. But the worst things is he try to lead the soldier from the leaf phoenix tribe invade Blue phantom . He thought there was ancient artifact called the Moonlight which is the shape of the ark of covenant over there and he can Go in and take over it. But little that he knows the blue phantom was aware of them coming so he hid some of the his other soldier in the forest while the other soldiers. So the invasion did not go as king Derek favor. So the war begin between the two tribes for victory. It was a bloody battle all the ages and but the leaf phoenix was beginning to lose so they start to retreat to the forest but little that they know the blue phantom soldier came out of nowhere to finish the remaining of them soldier and manage to defeat the leaf tribe. So when the phantom tribe leader Gary Trent heard that the leaf phoenix tribe has invaded his tribe due to the new ruler name Derek. Derek wants the Moonlight for himself and that is why he invaded them but unfortunately it failed miserably and we won the war and the battle due to our battle strategies. When he also heard that King Percy Moon Walker has pass away old age he very sad about and angry that the new one try to invade him. So went to the leaf tribe and kill Derek take over the tribe unit the two tribe into one tribe called the blue phantom phoenix . And that is how the lotus phoenix tribe fallen . The end

Aries Samsung girl

Aries marks an important shift in world consciousness. The older matriarchal ideal of Taurus monumental solidarity, where everyone had his or her defined place in society, was the antithesis of the incoming Arian ideal of individualism. Around 2500 BC mythologists note a world wide mythic Solarization happening where the new young hero god rises up and defeats the older Goddess, thus inaugurating a new order in heaven. Patriarchal paradigms replaced matriarchal paradigms everywhere, and men took over the running of society. Hero mythologies were created honoring these new gods and the masculine warrior ideal .Aries brought with it war on a huge scale. This age was one of continual fighting. Empires were created. Sargon of Akaka created the first known military empire around 2300 BC. Following him, conquest became the norm, with a long list of empires being created through conquest, and then being conquered by another, until the rise of Rome in the first century BC. The ancient Greeks came to epitomize this energy and their Olympic religion glorified the warrior mentality. Gods and goddesses fought with each other. They chose sides in human wars so that they could take part in the glorious human battles being fought. The Biblical Old Testament is an Aries tale. It was first written down around the 7th century BC, well into the Age of Aries. Although God is said to be a loving god, references to the older Taurus age mentality, he is portrayed in the written account as stern, jealous, and vindictive. In Aries fashion he is fighting for his own ascendancy over rival gods. He is pictured as a general leading his army of “Chosen People” in conquest of the “Promised Land” of Canaan. Those who do not follow his commands or commandments are punished or threatened with punishment for insubordination. He is often portrayed as smiting the enemies of his chosen. In China, the militaristic Sang Dynasty overran the peaceful Lung Shan culture around 1850 BC inaugurating a long history of warfare. They were in turn overrun by the more powerful Chou Dynasty in 1122 BC. Recent finds in Peru have unearthed a city called Cams dating to 1500 BC. The pyramid temples have images of war and fighting carved into their walls.


“Spirits of the undead, I ask you please to turn me into one of you! I wish to have the powers of Superhuman speed, Superhuman strength, Superhuman Senses, Superhuman Healing, Flight, Immortality, Compulsion, Superhuman Agility. And my weak nesses will be, Invitation to enter a house, wooden stakes, Vivian. I will become an undead Vampire; I will grow stronger over time. My fangs will come out when I want them to come out. I will not need oxygen to survive, when I take out my fangs my eyes will glow a yellow color. My blood will heal humans, as well as if they die with my blood in their system, they’ll become a vampire. This is my will! So, mote it is”! Dawn enchanted all of the dead came back to life. While she just raise the dead to reign supreme Ander enchanted a spell to turn him into a god. Five time he enchanted

O god, o goddesses,
Make me a god like you
that can do anything like you
who can do what you do
so mote it be!!!!!

After casting the spell five times, one god and goddess from every mythology will come to you and make you a god. instead of conquering the world he left and create his own world.

The Mind of William

Hi my name is William and this what everything that is in mind. Some times I wonder what going on up their. sometimes I wonder what going on up their and sometimes I do. I always have a huge imagination for everything. Sometimes my mind goes dark so fast sometimes. I have so many girls I have crush over the pas years. One of these days My universe of creativity will come to life where no creation is left behind.After my hour of meditation I yell out Boom and my universe got made

Lance Maximus

hello my name Lance Maximus and I am a light and night bringer and it is up to me to stop the souls that the gradian angel abandoned called the the Black Hollows and its up to me to stop them from infesting others souls. I did it by guiding to the judgement day temple so they can be judge by Sam Paul. Great while I am telling you all of this I just the most dangerous black hollow name James Braydon. Why is he so dangerous of them all Black Hollows? Well glad you asked well no matter how many times I capture him he keeps finding away to not just infest the living souls but also rein supreme over all the soul realm. So now I am on watching over all the souls that no corrupted yet. When suddenly I got call from the Sam Paul that James Brayton has escaped the Judgment day temple again and how he and is his guard try to catch him but he was too good for them an that is why it is up to me to catch him again. no matter annoying it gets for me to chase this James Brayton Black Hollow around its the only thing that kept me going. So I am off to chase James Bray ton. I look for him high and low for him in and out of this place. Until I notice that the soul about to be corrupted that is how I know that is James Brayton. so I tried to sneak up to him but unfortunately James Brayton spotted me and stop what he was doing punch the soul that he was about corrupt to me and run away as fast as he can. I chase after him right after him as fast as I can. Apparently James Brayton is so fast that I lost him in the crowd of people for only five minute until I find the trial of him.. hour and pass and I have chasing James Brayton all the way to the sprit world. I know the only way to stop him from heading him is to stop him at the tracks by striking sprit lighting at the mirror that can bounce off and strike James Brayton. So as fast I can go I strike lighting on that mirror and reflect right to James Brayton that he fall to the ground. At my chance I ran up to him before he break free from it and capture him. ” Well look what we got here James Brayton the most dangerous that Black Hollow Escaped” said Lance Maximus. “Well it isn’t Lance Maximus Light and dark bringer the one that take people like me to judgement day temple” said James Brayton. ” you know why do you always tend to escape the judgement day temple” said Lance Maximus. “due to the many crimes I committed over the years and the reason why my Guardian angel abandoned me and the reason why heading to the sprit world so I can corrupts every single soul so I can create chose plus so I can rein supreme over it “explain James Brayton. “Well it won’t matter now because I am going to take you in back to the judgement day temple so you know where to go” said Lance Maximus. ” Do wonder why the Gaudian angels keep leaving us?” James Brayton asked. ” No” Lance Maximus Asked. “Because they can’t stand to be with us no matter how good influence they give us we always do bad against them until they can’t stand it so they just leave” explained James Brayton. “I did not know that” said Lance Maximus in a shocked way. “its true and Sam Paul knows about it” said James Brayton. ” any way you still going back to the judgment day temple so you go where you need to be” said Lance Maximus. So I start carrying out back to the judgement day temple this time I came with him until we put him where he need to be and after that he and Sam have a conversation and it turn out that James Brayton is right about it but he also since the Gaudian angels also been sending these reports as well and does not know what to do about and that’s the reason why. after a few interaction I came to conclusion that the Gaudian angel should whisper in the ears of the soul ears with a gem. It was a good idea and He and Lance Maximus went their separate ways live happily ever after the end

Recovering Old Data Overdrive

once upon a time there is a 27 year old man name Peter Lance Tango and he is at home trying to recover all of the old data from the old desktop but before he can do that he must find the old wire that connect the old desktop the new desktop sphere the portable desktop avatar. its not limited to just that is a lot easier so he can grab his old poem, story and script put in his blog in the desktop sphere. So he was looking for it high and low for the wire until he find under his bed plug in the old and all of the data came from it transferred to the desktop sphere Peter was very happy because he never thought the day this can happened and so did a lot of people including his friends, brother and sister. Peter knew the new desktop sphere can do more that suck up data it can also project hologram, light up with lsd, voice control and it can hover. you can take it with everywhere you go and better batterie life. Created by Prince William Uchenna Ifeanyi Okpalaezecha in his universe out of nowhere with his Ultimate power of creativity after he trying to get all the old data from his desktop thanks to the Oriana lord Zander. Peter finally put it all of hid story to his blog and live happily ever after The End

Gothic Horror Poem Prince Kano By Edward Lowbury

I searched for this poem for quite some time since a teacher read it to us at school. For some reason no matter how much I searched on google I couldn’t find it.

So here it is, a gothic poem by Edward Lowbury, Prince Kano:

In a dark wood Prince Kano lost his way
And searching in vain through the long summer’s day.
At last, when night was near, he came in sight
Of a small clearing filled with yellow light,
And there, bending beside his brazier, stood
A charcoal burner wearing a black hood.
The Prince cried out for joy: ‘Good friend, I’ll give
What you will ask: guide me to where I live.’
The man pulled back his hood: he had no face –
Where it should be there was an empty space.

Half dead with fear the Prince staggered away,
Rushed blindly through the wood till break of day;
And then he saw a larger clearing, filled
With houses, people; but his soul was chilled.
He looked around for comfort, and his search
Led him inside a small, half-empty church
Where monks prayed. ‘Father,’ to one he said,
‘I’ve seen a dreadful thing; I am afraid.’
‘What did you see, my son?’ ‘I saw a man
Whose face was like…’ and, as the Prince began,
The monk drew back his hood and seemed to hiss,
Pointing to where his face should be, ‘Like this?’

The Birthday boy Madness

once upon a time there a boy whose birthday is name Jacek Boner Stone and he is now 27 year old . and on his 27th birth he heading to the Mayans temple. when he got he saw a lot of his presents in there and each present is big then the last. Thing was going great until the ghost goblin king came and cause a mockery’s in the place. so he uses magic wand and Kazama and the Ghoul king left and Jacek live happily ever after the end

Steven Sinister

Hello my name is Steven Sinister and I am cursed boy. People called me that because with one of touch I can can make them suffer and also his last name being called Sinister. I am born not born nor dead. Like my best friends/ mentor Williaminator I have no fear and also hold a scythe. I may not be known or have a team to hangout with, solves crimes with and whatever and do whatever squads do. Also never had a family either. Right now here I am walking toward Williams street passing at downtown Atlanta. when all of a sudden he got a phone call from his best friend/ mentor Williaminator that his dojo got robed by Your brother Tom and his crew called the scorpion kai and stole the Eagle crow fang from it. So Steven must head to his brothers and his lair to receive the Eagle fang back from him. So Steven teleport to the lair in japan to come front his Tom and the rest of the scorpion kai. So when he got there he knock on his brother door one of tom answer. ” hey bro I heard that you and scorpion kai crew trash my mentor dojo and I was wondering if you can give it back and clean up the dojo” asked Steven. ” yes and it was so fun and incense destroying it and no we are not going returning anything back to there nor cleaning anything” answer Tom. “fine then let us fight me against you each other and if I win you have return clean everything and return the eagle but if you win I would leave you alone” explained Steven. “that’s the plan” said Tom. So they went inside his dojo and fight begin. Since Tom and Steven both know every single martial arts known to man thanks to Williaminator teaching neither of them have an upper hand on each other. the fight between Tom and Steven was brutal and tough. these two have been fighting for 8 hours and 30 minutes. Until out of nowhere Steven got the upper hand from Tom by finding the weak spot in his Achilles. So the fight is over Steven beats Tom because of it and Tom and the scorpion went to Williaminator dojo to clean up after them self and return the eagel fang. Everyone live happily ever after the end

Billy Moon Storm

Billy Moon Storm is a US Military Soldier, blacks smith who just received his Doctor degree in all of medical fields. Doing target practice with his Laser Storm Gun while he goes looking for a wife because he is so lonely. So he went on many dating apps and speed dating but nothing working out. Just as everything is lost he stumble into the most beautiful woman at the castle of Winlock name Sarah Farris and it was love at first sight. The two star to having conversation and after that they went on dates things are great until suddenly Sarah got kidnap by child purple lay a Purple Ninja from South Russia that he fought against and decides to run away with her. Billy Moon Storm was astonished so he decided to chase after child purple lay. He chase him through the sewage and the park. Billy Moon Storm has been chasing after Child Purple lay for 9 hours eventually manage to catch him and beat him him up take his girl name sarah faris and they got married living happily ever after the end